Caring For The World That Nourishes Us

Our MIssion

We believe macadamias can help to create a better way, a better life, and a better world. They require far less water than almonds and other tree nuts. Additionally, we continue to seek ways to use the whole nut to make our company more sustainable, including cleanly burning their shells to produce renewable energy while also reducing our waste—and that’s just the beginning.

Our Kuleana

As a company based in Hawai‘i, it is our kuleana, or responsibility, to ensure that our Islands continue to thrive. To do so, we’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

We use the whole nut

It all starts by enjoying the delicious, wholesome macadamia


To help power our Kea‘au facility, we burn the shells such that the burning doesn’t send particulate matter into the air

compost the husk

Lastly, we compost the husk to enrich the local community’s soil

Empowering our ‘ohana

At Mauna Loa, we believe in building strong communities. Supporting each other to build a better world for our ‘ohana, family, both near and far.

Community Support

We take pride in our island heritage. We continue to support our community through sponsorship of Merrie Monarch, the premier Hawaiian cultural festival, by spearheading the fundraising campaign ALL4HAWAII to tackle food insecurity, and recently by donating PPE to local hospitals.

Proud Partnerships

We’ve partnered with Cocoa Horizons to invest in the farmers who produce the cocoa for our chocolate and to play a role in improving their communities.

Caring for our ‘Āina

We love our ‘Āina, land, and want to ensure we are doing our part in caring for it. Our Hawai‘i macadamias are grown with only rainwater, making the macadamia one of the most sustainable nut varieties. More than that, the ingredients we use in our products are grown as nature intended — without GMOs. We strive to create plant-based products, reducing the environmental impact associated with meat production. We will continue to learn and take action to minimize our impact on the environment.

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