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Dry Roasted Unsalted

Mauna Loa's premium dry roasted unsalted macadamia nuts as nature intended them: all-natural. Shop unsalted macadamia nuts and other bold flavor options, today!


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Flavored Macadamias - Unsalted Medium Bag
Flavored Macadamias - Unsalted Jar
Flavored Macadamias - Unsalted Small Bag

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dry roasted macadamia nuts

  A lot of the time, nature just gets things right on its own and creates amazing foods that don’t need to be highly processed or need any additional flavoring to be enjoyed. Unsalted dry roasted macadamia nuts are the perfect example of this, and they’re a testament to the incredible power of nature. They have a buttery sweet taste and are uniquely roasted to provide a satisfying crunch. There’s really something special in the pure simplicity of unsalted macadamia nuts, making them a mightily delicious snack to fuel a healthy, adventurous, and active lifestyle.

WHY snack on Macadamia nuts

We like to think of the macadamia nut as a tropical superfood and happily call them the supernut. Unsalted dry roasted macadamia nuts are free from gluten, sugar, dairy, and soy. Amongst the top selling nuts, our macadamias’ carbohydrates content is one of the lowest with only 4g of carbs per serving. A serving of our unsalted macadamia nuts will also provide you with clean energy to help you keep up with your busy life.

WHY shop with MAUNA LOA?

When you buy unsalted dry roasted macadamia nuts from us at Mauna Loa, you’re getting a healthy and clean food that is not just ideal for health-conscious snacking but is just as delicious as it is nutritious. We also remain true to Hawai‘i and the land, or aina, by making changes to be more sustainable.

In 2022, new solar panels were installed at our Keaʻau factory, powering most of the plant. Amongst the most popular nuts, our Hawaiʻi-grown macadamias use only rainwater to grown making us one of the most sustainable nuts! With our macadamias, we strive to make it a better life, and a better world, for you. 

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Flavored Macadamias - Hawaiian Sea Salt Medium Bag
Hawaiian Sea Salt
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Flavored Macadamias - Hawaiian Sea Salt Snack Macs
Hawaiian Sea Salt
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1oz (12 Snack Packs)

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