Mauna Loa at Whole Planet Foundation’s Benefit and Showcase

Mauna Loa at Whole Planet Foundation’s Benefit and Showcase

hawaii island illustration hawaii island illustration

As part of our commitment to see the islands flourish, Mauna Loa was a sponsor at the Whole Planet Foundation, Whole Foods Market, and Mana Up Benefit and Showcase in support of the Foundation’s microlending programs in Polynesia and empowerment of women and entrepreneurs. To date, the nonprofit has disbursed $98 million dollars through microlending partners worldwide, funding 5.9 million microloans, and 30 million opportunities for a better life for microentrepreneurs and their family members. (Whole Planet Foundation, 2022).

At the pre-event reception hosted by Whole Foods Market Queen, the retailer’s flagship store in Hawaiʻi, Mauna Loa
ran an ice cream sundae bar for event partners. With the beautiful Hawaiian sunset visible from the Two Tides Bar, guests were treated to Rocky Road to Hana, Kona Coffee, Mango Lilikoʻi, and Molokaʻi Sea Salt & Caramel and our flavored and chocolate covered nuts as toppings. Pro-tip, chop up our Hawaiian Sea Salt mac nuts then sprinkle them on a scoop of our Molokaʻi Sea Salt & Caramel ice cream for the perfect final touch!

Mauna Loa, Whole Foods Market, and Planet LA Records Team

At the event, attendees enjoyed the Bishop Museum’s Hawaiian Hall, shopped local, and jammed out to Hawaiian music. Vendors and sponsors enjoyed our Mauna Loa Lava Flow cocktails with our Strawberry Guava Macadamia Milk Ice Cream and Kō Hana Rum’s Kea White Hawaiian Agricole Rum. The event also honored longtime Whole Planet Foundation supporters Amazon Prime’s “Upload” star, Andy Allo, and four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Greg Louganis. After talking story with Andy, turns out she’s been a fan of Mauna Loa for years! Both honorees gave moving speeches that inspired all in attendance.

Mauna Loa Lava Flow with Strawberry Guava Ice Cream

Planet LA Records, for coordinating the wonderful event supporting the Foundation’s poverty alleviation programs. We can’t wait to see what’s to come for Whole Planet Foundation’s microentrepreneurs!

Cover Image by Reid Shimabukuro

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