Mauna Loa x Leis by Leilani

Mauna Loa x Leis by Leilani

hawaii island illustration hawaii island illustration

Leilani Kanaʻauao Huggins is a celebrated Hawaiian floral artist, award-winning lei maker & designer based in Los Angeles. Through the Hawaiian tradition of lei making, she perpetuates her family’s legacy, unites lei makers and lei lovers worldwide, and shares aloha, in any season and for all occasions.

Mauna Loa released its limited edition box of Chocolate Covered Macadamias, featuring a design based on a lei honoring its home island, made by Huggins. "Mauna Loa wanted the [lei] design to represent Hawaiʻi, Mauna Loa on the Big Island, so the colors for me have always been red, orange, this fiery lei of aloha," said Huggins.

On Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27th, those in New York, NY experienced the enchantment of lei-making with Leilani Huggins, the creative force behind LEIS BY LEILANI! Attendees joined us in a 75-minute workshop where Leilani taught the intricate art of crafting a lei using the wili method. Leilani imparted her expertise and cultural insights, ensuring each participant left with not only a beautiful lei but also a deeper connection to Hawaiian heritage.

The lei box is available for purchase exclusively at Aloha Market,, and the Mauna Loa Visitor Center while supplies last.

Find Leilani on Instagram at @leisbyleilani or on

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