Visitor Center Temporarily Closed

In response to the public health concerns presented by COVID-19, we have temporarily closed the Visitor Center. We are working hard to find a way to safely reopen - all updates will be available on our support page. In the meantime, click Shop to find all our products or check Where To Buy for your local retailers.

Mauna Loa Visitor Center

Temporarily Closed

We know the Visitor Center is a must-stop so we’re going to be making changes to it. In the meantime, it will remain closed, but all your favorite Mauna Loa snacks and treats are available at local retailers and online.

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Flavored Macadamias - Hawaiian Sea Salt Medium Bag
Hawaiian Sea Salt
Regular price $12.99
Sale price $12.99 Regular price
Sold out
Flavored Macadamias - Honey Roasted Cups
Honey Roasted
Regular price $45.99
Sale price $45.99 Regular price
Sold out
4oz (6 cups)

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