About Us

MAUNA LOA celebrates Hawaii’s intrinsic beauty,its exotic flavors and rich cultural traditions.We take pride in being responsible corporate citizens and do all the we can do to support our local community.

Community Programs And Partnarship:

Merrie Monarch:

A non-profit organization that shares and spreads Aloha for the hula and Hawaiian culture. This week long festival features a parade through Hilo town, a prestigious hula competition, a Hawaiian arts fair, and inspiring hula shows. It is an honor for MAUNA LOA to celebrate over 50 years of perpetuating the dance and heritage of Hawaii.
Spike & Serve:

A non-profit organization which focuses on bringing health and wellness to the Hawaii community through volleyboll related activities. Spike & Serves core mission is to Inspire, Excel and Tranform the lives of this promising generation. MAUNA LOA is proud to be a part in helping our keiki in Hawaii.
Henry Kapono:

An award winning and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Henry Kapono, holds a strong reputation known locally and abroad. His concerts and appearances spread goodwill amongst the Hawaii community and support many local non-profit programs. MAUNA LOA is pleased to be a part of Henry Kapono’s mission to spread the Aloha spirit and celebrating Hawaii known entertainers.